Finding top teen books – impossible?

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Having a teenager who says things like “I don’t read books” or “No way am I going to read that” makes choosing the top teen books a bit difficult.  So in this site I decided to look at what others have been saying everywhere and gather together videos and comments and a bunch of random stuff about young adult books to keep me (and you) interested.

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Sometimes, we get a book that our teen daughter just starts reading and even finishes. Well, we’ll link to those here and hopefully give you links to the cheapest options so you don’t have to search too hard for the teenaged readers in your life.

Happy reading!


Dark Parallel – Joshua Files by MG Harris

One boy. One deadly prophecy. One heart-stopping adventure. This is how the world will end: on 22 December, an electromagnetic pulse will blast through the atmosphere. Technology will fail. Civilization will fall apart. The key to survival lies in a secret Mayan book, protected by Josh and an ancient society. But someone has altered time. To put it back on track, Josh must unravel history itself and face the dangers of a dark, parallel reality. The fourth book in the internationally bestselling sequence. Buy Dark Parallel on

The Hunger Games (fan) trailer

WATCH IN HQ!! This is just a little fan-made trailer based on the book The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. It’s such an amazing book, and I thought it would be awesome to make a trailer for it. If you haven’t read it before, I highly recommend it! I’m not really used to making trailers, so this project was a bit difficult (but really fun) to do. Hope you like it! Main Characters: Katniss Everdeen- Anna Popplewell Peeta Mellark- William Moseley (The other faces featured in this trailer represent minor roles of the other tributes in the Hunger Games.) Clips used: Prince Caspian Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince official trailers twilight Program used: Sony Vegas Platinum 9.0 All movie clips and music belong to their respective owners. Absolutely nothing is mine, with the exception of the video editing.

What are some Tear-jerking Teen Related Books?

I just read the book "The Outsiders" and I cry soo much.
Yet the whole book was not crying.
I laughed.
I related.
It was an amazing teen age story that was written for the 60′s yet related so much to the teenage life today.

I want to know books like "The Outsiders" That give you the same amount of feel and compassion.

Amazing teen romance fiction- please help me find a new book?

Okay so i have read the twilight series about six times so i obviously need a new book. i like teen fiction best. especially if it involves some romance. i like fantasy too but not like total sci-fi themes. some other books i have read are the looking glass wars, wicked lovely, a sweet far thing, cut, wake, bleed, beastly. if anyone can think of some books or authors i would be so happy.

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In your respected opinion, what are the best books of this century? Limited to teen fiction only.?

In your respected opinion, what are the best books of this century? This question is limited to teen fiction only. And please, I’m begging you… refrain from using any books from the Twilight saga. I already know how fabulous they are. A good start would be something like Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Your responses are appreciated greatly.

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What are some Teen Fiction/Fiction Books about not feeling pain?

I need some teen fiction/fiction books with people in them that can’t feel pain and stuff like that. Anything close to that story line would be great.
Fiction: False

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interesting ideas for realistic fiction teen novel?

i have tried writing a realistic teen fiction novel about a million times and they always start out good and then i lose interest in the topic and move onto a new plot, setting and characters. so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. in the realistic fiction genre. and i want the characters to be in high school, and preferably to be a romance. any help is greatly appreciated! thanks!

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Does anyone know any amazing Teen Fiction books?

i love to read and i’m almost out of books, so does anyone have any really great teen fiction books to tell me about? (titles and author please)
please don’t say twilight. i no it WAS amazing.

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